Jobs for Hotel Management Graduates


The hotel management industry has reached its peak of success. It has become a promising sector due to the rise in employment prospects. People are interested in purse a hotel management degree nowadays. This blog will help you to gain knowledge of hotel management jobs in Tamil Nadu.

What is Hotel Management?

Hotel management is an area of hospitality that involves managing the operations to ensure consistent growth and development of a hotel.

Scope of Hotel Management

As a result of globalization, the growth of hotels is rapid. This field has a tremendous scope in the future. Students who are choosing this field as a profession will have many career options at hotels. There are several hotel management job vacancies available in Tamil Nadu. Choosing hotel management as a career is climbing the ladder of success. Get thousands of vacancy for hotel management jobs on the Nithra Jobs site.

Top 7 Hotel Management Jobs in Tamil Nadu

📍 Hotel general manager
📍 Restaurant manager
📍 Event manager
📍 Food and beverage manager
📍 Executive chef
📍 Front office manager
📍 Sommelier

Hotel General Manager

The general manager is in charge of all daily operations of the hotel. They should ensure that guests enjoy an outstanding experience. They generally check all the jobs in the hotel and performed in the right and perfect manner. They deal with guest relations, housekeeping, maintenance, cost management, etc.

Restaurant manager

The Restaurant Manager is responsible for all the restaurant's operations. They manage the front and back of the restaurant staff to ensure that the restaurant is running smoothly and efficiently. They are responsible for hiring and training new employees, scheduling shifts, managing payroll, and discussing new menus with the chef.

Event manager

An event manager in a hotel plans and coordinates all events. They select the venues according to the client's budget, organize the event on time and keep patient gestures for the client's satisfaction.

Food and beverage manager

Food and beverage managers plan, control, and order food and beverage for the hotel. They check that the food and beverages are of the best quality and safe. They should perform menu updates daily.

Executive chef

An executive chef, often known as the head chef, is in charge of managing the kitchen team and making sure that the food is of good quality. They will oversee cooks preparing food and train staff to use new recipes, cooking methods, and equipment.

Front office manager

The front office manager greets and welcomes visitors, respond to their inquiries and concerns, handle booking and appointment schedules, and makes sure the reception is kept in a neat and tidy manner.


Sommeliers are wine experts who develop wine lists that fit meal menus. They prepare and revise wine lists every day, give advice to customers on wines based on their preferences, and also suggest food and wine pairings.

Required Skills for Hotel Management

There are different kinds of hotel management jobs, as the skills required for this job may vary according to the field, but here are some general skills needed for hotel management are,

✅ Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
✅ Detailed-oriented and time management skills.
✅ To be detailly oriented.
✅ Should have good strategy and innovation.
✅ Ability to Multitask and work with a team.


These professions will bestow your career in an excellent place. Are you a fresher and looking for hotel jobs? Many sites have hotel management jobs for freshers but in Nithra Jobs candidates can select a job from their preferred location. They can also search for jobs in cities like hotel management jobs in Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, etc.

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