Rural and urban jobs in Tamil Nadu


On the Nithra Jobs site, there are plenty of rural and urban jobs available for job seekers who are willing to look for work. Based on population density and job opportunities, occupations are divided into two categories, namely rural and urban jobs. In this blog, we can clearly discuss rural and urban employment and unemployment.

Rural jobs Vs Urban jobs

Rural jobs are Jobs include those in the trade and commerce sector, the manufacturing sector, and the services sector. where urban jobs include agricultural activities. Rural unemployment is referred to as joblessness that happens in villages and rural areas. Urban unemployment is referred to as joblessness that happens in towns and cities.

Employment opportunities in rural areas

1. Rural Works Program: The program focused on building permanent civil works (i.e., projects done to establish enduring community assets) to help reduce, if not completely eliminate, unemployment in rural areas.
2. Marginal Farmers and Agricultural Laborers: This program helped needy rural families with huge incomes in agriculture and related fields like dairy, poultry, fishery, pig rearing, horticultural operations, etc. It was designed to address the issue of disguised unemployment and underemployment.
3. Small Farmers Development Agencies: This program was created mainly to provide small farmers with access to loans so they could adopt modern technology, participate in intensive farming practices, and develop their businesses.
4. Integrated Dry-Land Agricultural Development: Under the plan, permanent projects including soil protection and dry land development and harvesting have been the main focus.

Employment opportunities in urban areas

Construction work.
Civil engineers.
Urban Managers.
Social Contractors.
Information Communication Technology.
Infrastructure Suppliers.
Farmers, Near and Far are some of the common jobs in urban areas.


So finding employment in both rural and urban areas becomes easier through the Nithra Jobs site. Types of jobs in rural and urban areas are listed on our site. The above-given information will be useful for those who are confused about rural and urban jobs.

Tamilnadu rural and urban jobs

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