Top 5 websites to learn coding for free!!


💻 Do you want to study coding? This is the blog for you, in this blog we are going to see about the Best Sites to Learn Programming for Free. Many online websites are available to offer you a free course, but people are not aware of it, here we are going to discuss the free sites to learn and a free site to get a job, yes! Nithra Jobs , provide numerous job opportunities for all job hunters, begin your career here for a better future!!


💻 Codecademy is the leading online website to learn free coding, on this site you can learn C language, python, java programming, SQL, PHP, and various other programming languages. You can find the code syntax here and also you can contribute your code documentation. On this site, there are many learning and practicing tools are also available and also aspirants can learn technical concepts through video tutorials. There was also career advice and learning tips also provided which was useful for the students and new learners.


💻 Udemy is the most popular website, through which you can learn coding and other online courses too. The coding includes python, web development, machine learning, PMP, and financial analysis. The course duration includes 30 to 45 minutes, an hourly-based course, 100 days, and monthly courses are available according to your convenience you can learn the coding. 200+ courses are available on their site, start learning!!


💻 If you are looking for the best free coding websites, freeCodeCamp is one of the best learning websites. Here you can learn to code for free and also build your projects. Learn and earn certifications on free code camp. On their site, the courses and syllabus are listed clearly. You can start and learn the topic that you are preferred. This was the best site to improve your skills. Freshers, students, and employees can also learn and improve their careers!!

Khan Academy

💻 Khan Academy is also the best website for free learning. Here you can learn computer programming, such as SQL, C programming, etc. The courses start from basic to advanced levels in the form of video tutorials. On this site, you can learn coding as well as other subjects like math, science, and test preparations and this website is most suitable to learn coding courses for beginners and students to learn easily!!


💻 On the Coursera website, you may learn, earn degrees, and enhance your career in a variety of subjects, including business, computer science, the arts, and humanities. You can choose from weekly or monthly classes, with course lengths starting at two hours, and courses that are available in video format. In Coursera, there are numerous educational resources and teachers in more than 50 different languages. Learn today with free courses and credentials on Coursera.


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