10 Best Marketing Strategies


Marketing strategy plan is very important when you are running a business or starting a business. It is the communication channel between the seller and buyer through different types of marketing strategies, the customer can learn about your product or services and make them buy. In this article, we will briefly discuss what is marketing strategy and it's few types.

Target audience in Marketing

Keep in mind that marketing plans depend upon your targeted audience. They are the ones who are always interested in your products and new offers. Marketing should not affect the targeted audience and also it should create a new audience as well.

Types of Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategy types vary according to the company, budget, and audience. If you are a fresher or new to the market refer your successful senior colleagues, and friends and read more articles.

1. Paid marketing

💵 As the name, it indicates that paid marketing is advertising your products or services by paying some money to familiar websites or television channels, or brand ambassadors where it reaches the targeted audiences.

Example: Paid marketing on google, youtube ads, Instagram ads, Facebook, and so on.

2. Digital Marketing

💻 Digital marketing is the most common and running successfully. Today everything is under digitalization. People are working and spending a lot of time on social platforms. You can share your offers and even create a brand on this marketing because there is a wide range of people using this platform from adults to aged people.

💻 It is easy to analyze and target the audience.

💻 Creating a business page for your brand on google, youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media.

Example: Nithra jobs are here for employers to hire candidates in Tamil Nadu!

3. Offline marketing

📰 Offline marketing is marketing that does not takes place on the internet or through any other online platforms. We have been using this method for many years.

Example: Marketing your products in newspapers, magazines, and radio.

4. Relationship marketing

🤝 Relationship marketing makes your customer buy the products for the future also. In this marketing, you should give special offers or coupons, and gifts to loyal and profitable customers.

Example: Discount for the regular customers

5. Seasonal marketing

📢 Seasonal marketing is targeting the audience and promoting your products on special days. Such as the new year, and Christmas sales.

Example: Promoting offers or marketing roses and flowers on valentines day, ice cream combos, and offers in the summer season, etc.

6. Event marketing

📜 Marketing in a crowded area to get new customers and also create a brand. Through this marketing, your company will grow more when you have good offers and quality. You can launch your new ideas and offers here.

Example: Conducting expo (exhibitions)

7. Promotional marketing

🔔 To communicate with the customers they should be in touch with you for this you can promote the discounts/offers or services through television ads, notifications through mobile, courier, offer messages, and so on.

Example: Buy 2 and get 3 free pizzas!

8. Telemarketing

📞 Telemarketing is also one of the old methods to reach customers. You can communicate with the buyers through telephones and marketing your services and new deals. There are different types of telemarketing running in the market.

Example: Hello sir/madam we are from an xxx company, now there is a 50% off going on for the branded clothes. Kindly visit our shop! The offer ends soon!

9. Brand lover marketing

💓 For this marketing, you should try hard to develop your brand. Unique slogans, logos, features, and qualities, offers should be needed. Once people start to like your product you should maintain the quality till the end.

Example: Nithra jobs is the best job app for all job seekers in Tamil Nadu!

10. Search engine marketing (SEM)

🔎 SEM is defined as making the customers enter into the webpage and make then use the service or products using offers or special features. You can get traffic through organic search or through paid ads.

Example: Google ads(paid), promoting using blogs, articles (unpaid).


💡 Create your own successful marketing strategy and build your brands. If you want to hire an employee for your industry or companies in Tamil Nadu then enroll your details on Nithra jobs. This is also one kind of marketing!!!!😎

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