Best Job Opportunities After Engineering and Salary Scope in TamilNadu

If you are here reading this article then you are an Engineering graduate who is seeking to get a job or might have thousands of thoughts and questions, What should I do after completing Engineering? Well, here we got a solution for that. We live in a digital world surrounded by technology. There are hundreds of career opportunities are available in the engineering field. B.E./ always has high scope. Engineering is the first priority among students and parents after completing high school. The students learn to implement the latest trends in technology. Major professions like Computer Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Biotechnology Engineering, B. Tech in Cyber Security, Information Technology, Robotics Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Textile Engineering, Marine Engineering, Structural Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, Big Data Analytics, Petroleum Engineering, Mechatronics, Food technology, etc. After all those four years of engineering life, many graduates are in a state of confusion, about where and how to get a job in their respective fields? No need to worry about that, we are here to help you to make the right decision.


You have come across many obstacles to achieve your dream of being an Engineer. You can see that engineers have loads of opportunities after they complete. Many aspirants consider getting placed in a reputed core company with a high salary package. Many want to start a career in the public sector, can take civil service exams or go for higher studies or join in armed forces, and internship opportunities there. BE Scope can also be increased with an added experience of legitimacy and involves reading potential. Let's dive in to discuss and find the solution for every question.

Best Job Opportunities after Engineering

If you are looking for the best career opportunities after BE or B.Tech then you are in the right place. On our blog, we have a complete list of career options you can choose wisely. We guide you to nurture your career. Various opportunities are available in the engineering field. The BE job scope exists in both the public and private sectors. Many leading companies are willing to hire talented and eligible candidates, internships, and training with salary packages so be ready to grab that opportunity.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is one of the finest jobs of all. Civil engineering jobs gives you more opportunities to advance in your career. In this field, candidates should have creativity, ability, flexibility, and problem-solving skills to develop infrastructure. They can work at the office or at the site based on their comfort. Civil engineers make designs, plan, building construction, Forts, Roads, Bridges, Dams, Power Plants, Water Works, Railroads, Highways, Airport runways, Skyscrapers, etc. Civil engineers have huge scope in the government sector with good salaries as well as job security. If you have a CAD certificate also beneficial to get a job easily. Many companies are hiring trainee engineers giving them the opportunity to improve in their careers and move on to the next level. Job opportunities in Civil Engineering field include Assistant Engineer, Executive Engineer, Chief Engineer, etc.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering jobs in Tamil Nadu have a massive scope. Various Career opportunities are available from developing to designing. There is a wide range of job openings in Web designing, Application developer, Computer analyst, Programmer, Game developer, Information System Manager, System analyst, Software tester, IT Security specialist, Software Engineer, Full stack developer, Cloud engineer, Data Scientist, Technical Program Manager, Software engineering manager, Enterprise Architect, Mobile developer, Software architect, Development Operations Engineer, Graphics and Multimedia Designer, Chief Technology Officer, Cyber Security Analyst and so on. Candidates who have completed Bachelor in Information Technology, B.E in Computer science Engineering, BCA, or any other software-related course. Are you a well-trained programmer? or Do you have knowledge or talent in the back-end and front-end development field? Full-stack developers have various job opportunities nowadays. Learn any programming language and be advanced in coding languages like Javascript, Python, PHP, SQL, C++, C. BE Scope can also be increased with an added experience of legitimacy. Salary scope is high in this field.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical and Electronics job opportunities are in-demand in the fields of electronics, power, IT, transportation, automotive, manufacturing, airspace, telecom industries, etc. EEE graduates can earn a high salary at the beginning of their careers. There are ample opportunities in both the public and private sectors. Electrical Engineers work in planning, designing, developing, testing, and monitoring the electrical equipment. Many telecom industries offer Electrical engineering jobs in Tamil Nadu. Electrical engineer job roles and opportunities like Power engineer, Telecommunication Engineer, Network Engineer, Control and Instrumentation Engineer, Manufacturing System Engineer, System developer, System Analyst.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is huge with many career opportunities. Hiring chemical engineers are increasing enormously. Candidates with chemical engineering degrees and skilled people can able to get jobs in Manufacturing industries, Industrial Plants, and Refineries. Chemical Engineering job includes layout designing process, researching, planning, conducting tests, and evaluation. There are different types of roles in Chemical engineering such as Analytical Chemist, Environmental Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Production Manager, Materials Engineer, and Quality Manager. Aspirants can become Bio-Chemical Engineers, Bio Chemists, Chemist, Pharmacists, and Petroleum engineers. Women candidates also have equal job opportunities in the Chemical engineering field depending on them. Analytical Skills, Interpersonal Management, Mathematical skills, and Problem-Solving abilities are required.

Civil services examination

Being an engineering graduate Civil services exam will be a great opportunity in your career. To attend the civil services exam aspirants have to complete a degree in any stream. But an engineering degree will stand out the most. Lakhs of students are willing to participate in civil service exams and very few will get succeed. Lots of job opportunities are obtainable which you may unaware of that. Don't worry! We have come up with an exhaustive list of job options. Go through it! UPSC is reckoned to be the toughest exam. Various authoritative positions include IAS, IPS, IRS, and IFS. Aspirants prepare for this exam for years to get into their dream position. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is one of the most competitive exams. If you have the required GATE score you can definitely secure your job with a good salary. Jobs at Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) - Many reputed corporations are recruiting through GATE scores with eligibility criteria.

Engineering Jobs and Salary scope in Tamil Nadu

Bachelor of Engineering and B. Tech scope is high owing to the growth of technology. In terms of employment, there are vast job opportunities in Tamil Nadu. Major cities like Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, and Tiruchirappalli are known as the best IT sector and have immense job opportunities after engineering. The BE salary in Tamil Nadu is quite sufficient to make a decent living. The salary scope for B.E./ B.Tech graduates is magnificent. They get paid according to their individual talent and skills.


Hope this article will help and guide you to make decisions wisely. With the numerous career opportunities, you can choose the best career path after engineering. Since we have covered all the necessary details about the opportunities for engineering graduates and students who want to enroll in engineering after your high school. Visit our site for any queries, will get the clear vision about your career. Share this useful information with your friends and relatives.

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