Conversation between employer and staff regarding hiring employee selection


Many employers in Tamil Nadu are struggling to get an employee for their business and company. They can advertise in newspapers, and on notices, but still, it did not reach the candidates. Here you can have a short conversation between the employer and the office staff regarding the hiring of the employee and the solution to hire a job candidates.

Conversation between staff and employer

👉 Staff: Excuse me, sir, may I come in?
👉 Employer: Oh, come in. How many people attended the welder jobs interview today?
👉 Staff: No, sir, no one has come for an interview yet.
👉 Employer: Did you advertise in the newspaper?
👉 Staff: Yes, sir, but still, we have not received any reply.
👉 Employer: Is there any other option to hire a candidate?
👉 Staff: Yes, sir, recently my friend joined YYYY company with the help of Nithra Jobs.
👉 Employer: Nithra Jobs? Please explain it to me in detail?
👉 Staff: Yes, sir, Nithra Jobs is one of the helpful jobs site in Tamil Nadu. Employers can post their organization's job position, salary, and other necessary information on their site and recruit talented employees for their company in a short period of time.
👉 Employer: Great! But currently, we are hiring aspirants for welder jobs in Salem branch, can we get job seekers through Nithra Jobs in that location?
👉 Staff: Of course, sir! We can hire candidates for jobs from different parts of Tamil Nadu, and both employees and employers have various options to register for jobs and place them in their desired locations.
👉 Employer: Do they charge to post on their site?
👉 Staff: Yes, sir, for the first time we can post for free, and for further information we can contact the customer care and clear our doubts. The plans are very affordable; even lakhs of employees are waiting to get jobs on their website, and we can install the Nithra Jobs app from the Play Store, so it will definitely be a useful platform for our company.
👉 Employer: Yes, I think the same, submit all the details of our company and start recruiting skilled people through Nithra Jobs.


Welding job vacancies in Tamil Nadu are huge at Nithra Jobs, through which job hunters can apply today on the Nithra Job site and get their job. If you are a recruiter and need a welding worker, you can mention the position and location, like Welder job vacancies in Theni, Chennai, Namakkal, Erode, Trichy, etc." It saves you time and money.

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