Conversation between two friends in searching for a job.


Many freshers who have recently completed their degrees are searching for jobs. Nithra Jobs site will be the best platform for those job seekers. The site will be provided with a large number of jobs. Filter option is provided for the applying candidates to choose their job easily in their favorite location.

Conversation between two friends

👧 Nila: Hi Jahir. How are you?

👦 Jahir: I am fine Nila. It has been a long time since I last saw you.

👧 Nila: Yes, the last time we saw each other was New Year's Eve. How are you doing?

👦 Jahir: I am doing OK. It would be better if I have a new job right now.

👧 Nila: You are looking for a new job? Why?

👦 Jahir: I already finished my studies and graduated last week. Now, I want to get a job in the Financial management field.

👧 Nila: How long have you been looking for a new job?

👦 Jahir: I just started this week.

👧 Nila: Don't worry about that. Nithra Jobs will help you to get your dream job.

👦 Jahir: Oh really! I am so happy after hearing this. Please tell me about Nithra Jobs

👧 Nila: Yes sure! Nithra Jobs is one of the best sites for getting jobs. Many of the job seekers got their job with the guidance of Nithra Jobs. Do you have your resume?

👦 Jahir: Yes Nila.

👧 Nila: First download the Nithra Jobs app on your mobile and update your resume. Use filter options for searching for your job in a quick way (select category, Job title, location).

👦 Jahir: Thank you so much Jahir for this information.

👧 Nila: I forgot to tell you something. In this application, you will receive job notifications and alerts as per your reference.

👦Jahir: I got confidence after meeting you.

👧 Nila: I am waiting eagerly to hear good news.

👦 Jahir: Sure Nila. I will definitely inform you.

👧 Nila: Ok Jahir. Bye! Will meet you again.

👦 Jahir: Bye!


Now searching for jobs become easier than before. If you have talents you can achieve easily. So try without leaving your hope.

Job conversation between two friends

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