Fresher Jobs in Tamil Nadu


Finding the ideal job is the biggest challenge, you deal with when you complete your studies. There are several opportunities available, but you must choose the one that best suits you and is comfortable too. If you are looking for one of the best jobs to choose from for your career, Visit Nithra Jobs and get plenty of fresher job vacancies in Tamil Nadu. Read this blog entirely and get to know all available job vacancies in Tamil Nadu for freshers.

Software Developer

Software Developer is the highest-paying job worldwide, making it the finest place to start an IT (Information Technology) career. Every sector, company, or entity needs a back-end employee (a software developer). A software developer's responsibilities include locating or testing the program, developing, and creating the software from the ground up for the business.

The average salary for a software engineer with 0 to 3 years of experience is 3.6 lakh rupees per year. You can get thousands of fresher jobs in Chennai at the Nithra Jobs site. Completed bachelor's degree in computer science or any related field? Residing and looking for a job in Chennai? Then just apply for the software developer jobs for freshers in Chennai or any place in Tamil Nadu.

Data Scientist

Data Scientist is the second highest paying job in Tamil Nadu and it is in high demand. The number of openings in this industry has increased rapidly recently. Since it became quite popular among the new generation of younger minds. The role of a data scientist is basically one for analytical experts who are eager to learn and professionally in charge of gathering, interpreting, or analyzing enormous amounts of data.

If you are interested in handling data, then this must be the perfect choice of career for you. Entry-level data scientists make an average of Rs. 7.5 lakh annually. Searching for the best data scientist job in your hometown? Get several data scientist job opportunities for freshers in every district of Tamil Nadu.

Engineering Jobs

Due to their high level of reputation and higher pay than other professions, engineering professions are particularly well-known. People who enjoy difficulties and have creative minds can choose their careers in engineering. There are numerous branches and subbranches in the engineering area, so can select one that suits their interests. Research and development, production, and maintenance are the primary subfields of engineering.

In Tamil Nadu, an engineer makes an average of 5L per annum. Seeking an Engineering job in cities of Tamil Nadu? You can find vast numbers of fresher engineering jobs in Coimbatore, Chennai, Trichy, and so on. The pay for engineer jobs may vary according to the designation and origination.

Human Resource Management

One of the careers that beginners most commonly choose is human resource management. The field has several doors with rewarding opportunities for higher professional progress open in the workforce. People who work extremely hard working and are intelligent can succeed in the management area at the highest levels. With their attractive job offers, many business firms, global financial institutions, BPOs, etc., fascinate students.

The average pay scale of HR is 6.7L annually. If you are interested in recruiting and interviewing people, you can get a job in HR. Do you want an HR job? Log in to Nithra Jobs and get tremendous Human Resource jobs for freshers in Tamil Nadu. If you are living in Trichy, Select the Trichy at the location and HR in the job and search. It directly takes you to the ton of HR job offers for freshers in Trichy.

Government Jobs

Government Job is the most secure career, among all jobs. Several fields are there in government jobs and employees can receive decent wage offers with generous benefits like medical facilities, insurance, and lodging.

Becoming a government employee is your aim? Don't know where to get job updates from the government? Just install the Nithra Jobs app and register your profile in it. You will get every government job update as a notification on your mobile. Soon apply for the government job openings in Tamil Nadu and become a government employee.


The above-listed jobs are among the top-paying jobs for freshers in Tamil Nadu. Any of these careers are open to freshers who want to start their careers off on the right foot. Nithra Jobs helped thousands of freshers to find a job at their desired position and location. You too can easily find jobs without any struggles with the help of Nithra Jobs.

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