How to an attend interview

What is an Interview?

The interview is a formal gathering of multiple individuals (Interviewer and interviewee). The purpose of the interview is to ask any job-related questions and determine whether or not the interviewee is qualified for the position.. Interviews are normally conducted in organizations or companies to evaluate the interviewee, test their domain expertise, examine their skills, analyze their behavior and attitude, and other aspects required to fulfill organizational needs.

An interviewer is a person who asks the questions, and the interviewee is the person who answers the questions. When compared to experienced ones freshers have confusion about how to attend interviews for freshers. This blog will help you by providing tips for interview questions and interview skills.

Types of Interviews

The interviewer does not use only one type of interview to evaluate an interviewee. Instead, they test the interviewee with various types of interviews. They also use several types of interview questions.

Formal and Informal interviews - The most common type of interview is a formal interview.

Sequential and Panel Interview - Several interviewers ask the same set of questions repeatedly to check the manner of the interviewee.

Group Interview - A group interview is a type of interview in which more than two people participate.

Situational Interview - These interviews are similar to behavioral interview questions in that they ask hypothetical questions about the future.

Phone or Video Call interview - Recruiters can get a better understanding of how a candidate presents themselves during a video interview.

Interview Preparation Tips

🎈 Be punctual.

🎈 Prepare some questions of your own ahead of time.

🎈 Bring multiple copies of your resume.

🎈 Bring a dependable pen and a small notepad.

🎈 If you're nervous, don't be embarrassed.

🎈 Focus.

🎈 Tell the truth.

🎈 Pay close attention to the interviewer.

🎈 Be aware of your grammar.

🎈 Be ready to answer personal questions.

🎈 Wait for the interviewer to bring up the topic of salary and benefits.

🎈 Don't expect a job opportunity after the first interview.

🎈 Finish on a positive, upbeat note.

🎈 No interview is complete unless a thank-you note is sent.

"Chase your dream."

To create a positive first impression

✅ Punctuality

✅ Positivity and enthusiasm

✅ Body language

✅ Clarity

✅ Be polite to everyone.


There are a lot of interview preparation tips in Nithra Jobs for candidates who are preparing for interviews. Freshers can make use of the interview tips for freshers.Gain more knowledge with our help and give your best in the interview.

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