How to prepare a Resume

What is Resume?

A resume is a formal statement created to list a job candidate's qualifications for an occupation. A job resume is where the candidate expresses interest in a certain job role and draws more attention to the most relevant information on the resume.

Types of Resumes

There are three resume samples that are commonly used: chronological, functional, and combination.


Lists your previous work experience in reverse chronological order, beginning with your most recent or current job and going backward. The majority of hiring managers prefer a simple chronological format.

Functional or Skills-based Resume

Employers value talents and strengths, thus this section focuses on them. Dates, positions, and locations are not specified.

Combination Resume

This resume combines the strength and flexibility of the other two forms. Displays a strong employment history with opportunities for advancement.

Difference between a CV and a Resume

📑 A resume is a one- to two-page document that summarizes your professional experience, educational background, and skillset.

📑 A CV is a long document that describes your whole professional history.

📑 A resume is used for job searches, whereas a CV maker used for academic purposes.

"Make it simple, but significant"

How to prepare a Resume

Step 1: Select a resume format.

Step 2: Fill your details and personal information.

Step 3: Create a resume with an eye-catching title.

Step 4: Include your resume summary or resume objectives.

Step 5: List your top soft and hard skills.

Step 6: Include details about your employment experience.

Step 7: Showcase your abilities.

Step 8: Include your education and achievements.

Step 9: Additional resume elements (optional) hobbies, and so on.

Step 10: Format your cover letter and resume.


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