Jobs for Data Entry

What is Data Entry?

Data entry is entering and updating information or records into a computer from a manual source. It can be both a manual or systematic process.

Why Choose Data Entry Jobs?

Data entry is one of the fast-growing fields. Data plays a fundamental role in this society. All kind of organizations and firms in business hires data entry operators. Accounts, hospitals, transports, IT fields, etc are hiring a large number of data entry operators. In search of data entry jobs? Nithra Jobs will provide you with tremendous data entry jobs in Tamil Nadu.

Who can Choose Data Entry Jobs?

Aspirants who have completed a bachelor's degree in any discipline are eligible to apply for the latest data entry jobs. Graduated female candidates who can't go to work and are willing to work from their homes can get data entry jobs at work from home.

Top 5 Data Entry Jobs in Tamil Nadu

💻 Medical Coding
💻 Updating Database
💻 Captcha Entry
💻 Word Processor or Typist
💻 Manual Data Entry

Medical Coding

Medical coders convert patient information into standard codes used in medical insurance documents. Medical Coding requires applicants who have completed Medical Coding. Various diploma courses are also available and completion of medical coding course is mandatory for this job.

Updating Database

This includes updating the name, contact number, email, address, and personal information which are required for the documents like passports, visas, government data, land deeds, etc.

Captcha Entry

Captcha is to prevent bots and other servers of websites. It also prevents sites from spamming. There are different types of captchas such as audio, letters, images, math solving, and so on. Companies hire captcha-entry employees to make their sites safe.

Word Processor or Typist

Word processors or typists create documents from handwritten draughts or voice recordings using computer programs. Their jobs involve typing, written material.

Manual Data Entry

This manual entry job is different from all others. It is a handwritten data entry where employees copy all systematic entries to paper documents.

Data Entry Job Roles and Responsibilities

📌 Preparing and arranging files for an entry.
📌 Reviewing all the information from the documents for accuracy.
📌 Backup documents regularly.
📌 Maintaining the daily reports of the data entered.
📌 Also performing tasks like filling, printing, scanning, etc.
📌 Storing hard copies of data for future verification.
📌 Managing and organizing all the files properly.

Requirements for Data Entry Jobs

📌 Completion of bachelor's degree in any discipline.
📌 Fluent in English and Tamil in both written and oral.
📌 Great knowledge of Microsoft Office.
📌 Excellent interpersonal, analytical, and communication skills.
📌 Ability to complete a task before the deadline.
📌 Capability to enter data in a quick and accurate manner.
📌 Proficient typing skills.


A lot of company looking for a good employer for data entry. Are you interested in data entry jobs? Then register your profile with Nithra Jobs and get thousands of data entry jobs online. Make your future bright with our help of us. Freshers can also apply for fresher data entry jobs in Tamil Nadu and get trained by the respective company.

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