Jobs for Driver

Who is a Driver?

A driver is a professional who takes passengers from one place to their desired destination in a safe and timely manner. They maintain regular cleaning and service for their vehicle. They are responsible for the safety of passengers while traveling. There are many driving jobs in Nithra Jobs, driving various vehicles like taxis, personal drivers, lorries, buses, cars, etc. Part-time driver jobs are also available on our site.

Scope for Driver Jobs

Nowadays, everyone has vehicles for their personal use and business. Thus, the demand for drivers is high. Many government departments hire drivers to drive police patrols, fire trucks, ambulances, military jeeps, personnel vehicles, etc. Candidates can get government driver job vacancies on our site. There are five jobs for a driver in Tamil Nadu with a higher scope.

⚡ Taxi/ cab driver
⚡ School/ college bus driver
⚡ Ambulance driver
⚡ Delivery driver
⚡ Truck driver

Taxi/ cab driver

Taxi or cab drivers always drive a car. They pick up the client and drop them at the correct destination on the time. Meanwhile, the journey should be safe and pleasant. Cab drivers should be very punctual and good at time management. We have car driver job vacancies in every district of Tamil Nadu.

School/ college bus driver

School/ college bus drivers pick up students from their bus stop and drop them at the school/ college in the morning and vice versa in the evenings. Apply for the Private school bus driver jobs on our site and get a driver job very soon. These drivers should drive the vehicle slowly because many children will be traveling by the school bus.

Ambulance driver

Ambulance driver takes sick people from their homes to hospitals or in case of an accident. These drivers are compared to god and they get tons of blessings from the people. They must drive fast but safely. There is no exact time schedule, they have to drive any time any day. Are you interested in saving other people's lives? Then get an ambulance driver job opening through Nithra Jobs.

Delivery driver

Delivery drivers collect the goods from a place and deliver them to the customer. The goods may be food, vegetables, fruits, fragile, products, and materials. They should deliver things at right time without any damage and also ensure that the products are packed completely. Part-time delivery driver jobs are also updated regularly at our site.

Truck driver

Truck drivers transport goods or materials between manufacturing, distribution, storehouses, retail shops, etc. They should know all the routes. They also transport the goods to other states too. Companies hire a trustworthy person for this job as all the goods are in their responsibility. Looking for a Truck driver job in Tamil Nadu? Our site has lakhs of jobs, you can apply for the job at your preferred location.


Drivers must have driving licenses and should follow the traffic rules. Before their journey, they should check the condition of the vehicle adequate fuel, gas, air, etc. Should know basic first aid, and fast and safe driving. Searching for driver jobs in government? Create a profile in Nithra Jobs and get a driving vacancy.

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