Keys for successful team building activities


Team building activities for work provide many other advantages for businesses and employees, in addition to providing a fun and original substitute for mingling during happy hour. Team building fundamentally enables individuals to get to know one another, including their common interests, skills and weaknesses, and communication styles. In this blog we can see some of the build an effective team examples.

Importance of team building activities

Team-building exercises provide many other advantages for businesses and employees, in addition to provide a fun and creative solution for mingling with team mates during happy hour.

5 Office team building activities

1. Solve a puzzle
2. Count to twenty
3. Do a Silent Line-Up
4. Host a Lunch and Learn
5. Host a Brainstorming Session

Solve a puzzle

This can be a physical puzzle, such as a 500-piece set (if you don't mind spending a few bucks on Amazon), or it might be a brainteaser that necessitates talking out loud as you think and brainstorm. Send one to your team, and if you're feeling very ambitious, give them a deadline. Everyone must contribute to the project's success in order for it to be successful. Take a moment to consider the experience once they have finished or the timer goes off. What was your team's approach to finding a solution? Who did what? Why did you decide what you did? Everyone's individual perspectives or strengths may be highlighted by allowing them to reflect on their own thought process, which could at the very least result in an eye-opening.

Count to twenty

This one is simple and ideal if you want to connect for a short while. Everyone needs to form a circle. To count from one to twenty is the goal. Everyone is free to start the countdown or utter a number at any time. But, if two people simultaneously speak a number, the count is reset. The team must not only be aware of group dynamics to succeed in this game, but also work together without speaking much.

Do a Silent Line-Up

Without saying a word, have everyone line up in different orders, for as by height, birthday, or longevity with the organisation, and set a timer. While tackling a novel task, your team will know some new things about one another.

Host a Lunch and Learn

Unspoken talent is certainly available on your team. Use the talents that are likely already present on your team to foster communication among the members. It's possible that someone has special skills, such as excel proficiency or the ability to speak another language. In the course of your midday break, have them hold a "lunch and learn". When they instruct the rest of the team will have a new move. In addition to get experience make many presentations, also teach your team something interesting.


As a result of team building exercises the employees' communication skills significantly gets increased. These exercises serve as icebreakers and inspire team members to get along, let go of their fear, and start interacting with one another. The above given are some of the keys to build a successful team and also key to successful teamwork.

Importance of team building activities

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