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You have no idea what you want to study after graduating from high school. Some students want to go into the arts and sciences after high school, while others want to go into engineering. Despite the fact that there are numerous bachelor degree courses list available in the education sector, students are frequently pushed into popular fields such as B.Com, Engineering, and BBA and so. As a result, this blog will provide you with advice on your next steps with new ideas.

Arts and Science courses

The Arts and Sciences program provides students with a broad-based, interdisciplinary education. Its curriculum is developed with three main goals in mind, allowing extensive work in both the arts and sciences to improve their writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills.

B.A. Defense and Strategic Studies

📌 BA Defense Studies is a course in Defensive Line Studies. The course lasts for three years and covers a comprehensive discipline at an advanced level.

📌 Defense Studies is the most prestigious and sought-after option for young people who want to work in national security and military services such as Indian Army Officers, Indian Defence Officers, Research Officers, Military Journalism, and so on.

B.A. Economics with Global Business

📌 The Bachelor's Degree in Global Economics and Business Management is an international management studies program that allows students to focus on a specific area of the world with an economic foundation.

📌 As a result, the scope of business economics is broad in many fields such as Management Trainee and Financial Management Consultant. Economic Research Assistant, Junior Portfolio Manager.

B.Com. Retail Marketing

📌 B. Com. Retail Marketing is an undergraduate course that focuses on marketing management and planning techniques and methods.

📌 It provides people with opportunities for entrepreneurship, and it employs many people who cannot own retail stores.

B.Com. Garment Cost Accounting

📌 The primary objective of this specially designed program is to teach various methods of reducing the global cost of knitwear, which will go a long way in improving the export business.

📌 B.Com. Garment Cost Accounting positions are frequently entry-level positions in accounting management.

B.Sc. Polymer Technology

📌 The primary objective of the Polymer Technology course is to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the applications of polymers in industry.

📌 B.Sc. Polymer technology opens up numerous opportunities in petroleum, petrochemical, and other industries.

B.Sc. Clinical Laboratory Technology

📌 Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Technology is a 3-year undergraduate degree program. The program is deliberately designed to provide competence in the science stream that includes a solid understanding of clinical laboratory techniques and exposure to social fields.

📌 Job opportunities are available in various educational institutes and private and government hospitals.

Engineering course

Engineering is the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, construction, and operation of machinery, machines, and structures. Engineering involves applying mathematical and scientific principles to real-world problems and developing new products and processes in a variety of industries and applications.

B.E. Geoinformatics Engineering

📌 Geoinformatics is the science and technology that develops and uses information science infrastructure to solve problems in geography, cartography, geosciences, and other related fields of science and engineering.

📌 Geoinformatics will soon be useful in many fields such as urban planning and land use management, car navigation systems, public health, environmental modeling and analysis, military, virtual globes, transportation network planning, management, agriculture, weather, climate change, and so on.

B.E. Medical Electronics

📌 Medical electronics is a specialized field that combines engineering, biomedical science, and clinical practice.

📌 As people pay more attention to their personal health, employment opportunities for technical medical electronics are expanding. The demand for medical devices and medical electronics engineers has increased in recent years.


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