Purpose of Using Nithra Jobs


Nowadays people are struggling to find a job. To make that struggle easier, Job portals have been initiated. Technology has been developed from wandering every company's door for free job search to searching them from mobile itself. These job portals are helping millions of people by providing job details. Nithra Jobs is one of the best job sites in Tamil Nadu.

What does Nithra Jobs do?

🎊 Nithra Jobs has been established to help Tamil people to find jobs from any corner of Tamil Nadu.

🎊 It is a website where numerous organizations post job openings so that job hunter can know about the positions that are open and apply online for them.

🎊 Both candidates and organizations get benefit from connecting and developing together. Simply said, Nithra Jobs provides the essential position that links candidates with companies.

Features of Nithra Jobs

⚡ Registration on our site is completely free for job hunters.

⚡ We have lakhs of job vacancies from all fields like medicine, engineering, Manager, Teachers, etc. 450+ job titles from different sectors are available.

⚡ Government job openings from both the state and central government are regularly updated and notified to the users if they have installed and registered their profile at our site.

⚡ Job alerts will be given to mobile phones.

⚡ Part-time and full-time jobs are on our site in huge numbers.

⚡ Many companies are hiring for the work from home jobs also, it could be helpful for female job candidates.

⚡ If you have any queries, you can contact our customer care number through call, email, or WhatsApp.

Job seekers

Many people are looking for a job. They may be graduate or non-graduate people. We provide jobs for both candidates.


You can find plenty of jobs for graduates. BE graduates can apply for software developer, tester, designer, etc. Those who have completed accounting and finance can apply for accountant jobs, financer, auditor, cashier, etc. Those who have an M.Ed degree can look a teacher jobs in any interesting subject. Likewise, any bachelor, diploma, and master's degree completed graduates can apply here.


Moreover, every job platform has jobs for graduates only. But Nithra Jobs provides a tremendous of jobs for non-graduate people like driver jobs, cooking, garments, textiles, hotel, supervisor, security, farming, gardening, helping, mechanic, etc. You can apply for job offers according to the company's qualifications.


Recruiters can also post their job openings at the Nithra Jobs site. Lakhs of users have registered their profiles with us. So the recruiters can easily hire a candidate who suits all their requirements. Previously, newspaper ads were commonplace for job advertisements. Nowadays, job vacancies are typically posted online. Though giving an ad in the newspaper is a bit costly and it is also only for a single day. But you can advertise the vacancy in the job platform until you hire an employee. Both start-up and experienced companies can advertise on our site.

📌 If you advertise a job vacancy in Nithra Jobs for the first time, you can post it free for 4 days. We have 4 budget-friendly packs, from rupees 300 to 1000 per month.

📌 If you post a vacancy for 1000 packs, it will be visible for a month, 750 packs for 15 days, 500 packs for 10 days, and 350 packs for a week.

📌 If you wished to post, you can contact our team, and give details about the job and they will post it on the Nithra Jobs site.


The main benefit of job portals is that they attract candidates to the position, save the company time and money, and make the hiring process quick and secure. One of the greatest and easiest ways to do thorough job searches is through the Nithra Jobs site.

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