Resume Objective for Freshers


As a job seeker, you know that getting a job is not easy. Finding a job that suits your skills is challenging. But it's time to create your perfect resume, which means you'll need to decide whether to include optional sections such as the objective statement. The career objective on your CV should be stated in an attention-grabbing manner. An objective can add valuable information in the right situation, but knowing when to add one can be tricky.

What is a Resume Objective?

A resume objective is a short introduction about yourself and your career goals. A resume objective statement or career objective allows you to outline your professional goals and education, and summarize relevant skills. This is a great way to show employers that you have the skills and experience for the job - which can be tricky if you have limited work experience. Resume objectives are best for fresh applicants.

When to Use an Objective on a Resume?

📋 When changing professions.
📋 If you have no paid work experience.
📋 Recent graduate seeking an entry-level position.
📋 If you are an experienced professional, it is better to stick to a resume summary as it best highlights your key achievements and experiences.

How to Write a Resume's Objective

✒ Start with a strong personality and professional goals.
✒ Mention your experience level - If you're new to staffing, that's okay.
✒ Mention what you want to do for the company and explain why you qualify for the job.
✒ Mention the position you are applying for and use the company name.
✒ Be sure to list your skills.


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