The Balance Between Passion and Profession


In this contemporary world where people run behind money, and dismiss memory to find the essence of life. The essence of one's life is the love and happiness one has and gives. Do you think one can find and possess love and happiness by doing some odd jobs that pay more? Definitely not. This is because, at some point, those jobs may turn into stress and burden. But on the other hand, when you do something you love, you crave to do more of that. And this is what is called a passion. Passion in early ages is given equal importance as one's profession. People who loved music invested their time in learning, composing, and listening to that as much as they spend in their profession. But now, in the world's rush, we don't have enough time to schedule for passion. Then is that not bad to lose the passion for the profession? Hence, Nithra Jobs has an answer for you. Well, this blog is here to sort out the complication of the idea of passion VS profession.

Passion VS Hobby

Many of us confuse a lot in thinking, 'What is the passion in life? Is that a hobby of mine?'. This is because of the unsure understanding of "what is passion?". Passion is the robust craving a person has for something. Whereas, a hobby is something one loves to do for fun. When both are something loved by someone, passion can be spotlighted that it will be missed by the one in its absence but not the hobby. For instance, if listening to music is a hobby for someone, he/she will listen to it and enjoys it for a while until they are called for some other work. But, if the passion of someone is to compose music or to listen to it, they demand time to invest in it though they are called for in between. It is the urge to not miss the moment of their attachment to music.

Passion at Work

When you are supposed to give away your passion and be dumped into a workplace that favors you financially, will that be contentment? Maybe for sometimes under some circumstances. When a load of work awaits your presence, definitely it will be a stress factor. This is because it's not something you love. It happens when what you love to do is far from what you actually do. To avoid this chaos, you must make sure "my profession is my passion". It is a note that passion is a secret for excellence at work. How do passion and profession intersect? Why is passion important for success? These are the questions that should be addressed. When wealth is something you want to sustain in society and contentment is something you need in your personal life, it is better and the best to make money out of your passion. Sometimes, it is hard to make the expected sum of money out of your passion. There you be thinking if choosing a career based on money or passion is good. When such a clash arises, it's best to overcome that by choosing a better-paid job that is more of your interest and try enjoying it. Try to get the passion for the work you do or, part your time into equal halves of passion and profession.


In the early ages, it was not easy for people to find jobs that bring money and bring out their passion. But now, everything has become easily avail marveling What? How? And where? To unravel all your interrogations, check out the site, Nithra Jobs to find an abundance of job opportunities in Tamil Nadu and avoid doing unsatisfying odd jobs. Make a vision with the fusion of passion and profession for gratification. Nithra Job wishes the very best for your success.

passion vs profession

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