Best 5 Administrative Jobs in Tamil Nadu


Are you interested in Administrative jobs? Then make your passion as your profession and become an administrator. This blog will help you to choose the right job in admin and also give information on Tamil Nadu administrative jobs.

What are Administrative Jobs?

An administrator is essential to the efficient functioning of a business and provides office support to either an individual or a team. By handling clerical duties and projects, administrators contribute to the efficient operation of offices.

Scope of Administrative Jobs

Administrative jobs play an important role in every business. As a result of technological development, the development of the new business sector is increasing. As the admin handles all of the tasks of the organization, all kinds of industries/organizations are looking for administrators. This job has a huge scope these days because the administration is such a wide range category, there are many different administrative jobs in Tamil Nadu. Several jobs in Tamil Nadu for administrative roles are available in different fields.

Top 5 Administrative Jobs in Tamil Nadu

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants help managers, other workers, and visitors to the office by doing several responsibilities to make sure all contacts with outside partners are beneficial and positive.

Administrative Director

Administrative directors coordinate daily operational tasks, streamlining management systems, budget monitoring, management oversight, increasing business efficiency, requesting audits, and financial data analysis.

Administrative Manager

Administrative managers oversee the team members and make ensuring that everyday office tasks are completed smoothly and effectively. They also supervise payroll and personnel records and assist with scheduling. To provide for other clerical roles, they produce reports. You can get vacancies for Administrative Manager jobs in Tamil Nadu at Nithra Jobs.

Program Administrator

Program administrators are in charge of a variety of directors level responsibilities linked to the development, maintenance, and optimization of a program provided by a company or organization. Their tasks also include fundraising, staff hiring, and budget management.

Human Resource Administrator

Human Resource administrators are responsible for both management and administration roles in an organisation. They frequently interact with both internal and external sources and are typically the primary point of contact for any HR-related issues. Maintaining records, creating paperwork, and making sure employees have enough support are just a few examples of duties.

Roles and Responsibilities of an Administrator

Though the roles of an Administration officer may vary according to the organization and designation, here are some of the general duties of an admin,

🔖 Taking messages, handling email inquiries, and answering incoming calls.
🔖 Scheduling appointments, and reserving conference facilities.
🔖 Travel arrangements for employees and clients.
🔖 Supporting senior management, property managers, and sales representatives with administrative tasks.


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