Top 5 Free online learning sites


💡 When we learn something new, we learn not only lessons but also experiences. In this blog will discuss the free courses with certificates, that must be useful for your career growth. These online courses will make to learn more skills and you can easily learn in your flexible time after your work. Like free courses, get numerous job opportunities in Tamil Nadu for free on Nithra Jobs , which was the best local job search website in Tamil Nadu.

Google Career certificates

💡 Google is an internet search engine, which was used by most people all around the world they are providing official google courses. Getting a career certificate on google will help your career to the next level. There are both certificate and uncertificated courses are available on google.

💡 Students, freshers, graduates, and working employees can learn through google.

💡 By entering into the Digital unlock on google you can get certificate courses on Data tech, digital marketing, career development, social psychology, programming courses, and basic python, and more than 100+ courses available on google.

💡 You can learn through video tutorials in a short duration like hour based. There are courses available from basic to a high level. Gain knowledge through google certification courses!


💡 Udemy is also one of the leading online educational sites, where you can learn various courses from the categories like web development, programming languages, 3D animation, network and security and various other technical courses are there.

💡 Udemy free courses are available for you in more than 14 languages. It is easy to learn on your language.

💡 Explore numerous udemy free courses in India and develop your career with udemy certificate.


💡 Coursera site is a global online learning website, where you can learn and gain degrees and advance your career in fields like data science, business, computer science, arts, and humanities.

💡 You can learn from various universities like yale, Stanford University, and much more.

💡 Courses are available in video format, the course duration is available from 2 hours, weekly courses, and monthly courses, you can choose according to your convenience.

💡 Many learning programs and educators are available on Coursera in more than 50 languages. Learn today on Coursera free courses with certificates.


💡 Alison is a free online website on which you can learn free online education courses. You can graduate with a diploma and other certificate courses like IT, language courses, health, business, management, personal development, sales, and management, and also more than 10000+ courses are available on this site.

💡 It was an easy process to improve your career with the help of Alison certificate. Learn today to get a better life!!


💡 If you have a passion for skills, then can learn thousands of courses on Skillshare. There are thousands of skill-based classes are available on this site. You can learn cooking, designing, crafts, photography, filmmaking, entrepreneurship, etc. The class is available in video as well as project-based. You can also mention the Skillshare certification on your resume!


💡 Hope this above-mentioned website will help to level up your career. You can mention all these free courses online with certificates in your resume. If you have completed your free online courses and looking for a job in Tamil Nadu, then you are landed on the right platform, yes! On Nithra Jobs thousands of companies in Tamil Nadu are hiring for an aspirant! Be the first and grab the opportunity!

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