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People think finding a job has become very difficult these days. Years ago, employers used to recruit employees through newspaper advertisements. In this modern age, everything is under technology. Smartphones and the internet make your work easier and better. Nithra Jobs plays a major role in finding employees for employers and helping job seekers find jobs easily. In this blog, we will discuss the latest job opportunities in Chennai in various fields.

Numerous job offers from various sectors:


The role of an accountant is to maintain the financial records, budgeting, forecasting, and auditing are their major roles. Some other responsibilities include financial analysis, advisory services, and so on. They also need some of the skills which include technical skills, analytical, and communication skills are very important. A good accountant should have a good relationship with the customers. The educational qualifications needed for this job are B.Com, B.Com Accounting and Finance, B.Com Financial Accounting, B.Com Advanced Accountancy, B.Com Management, B.Com Applied Business Accounting, M.Com, and BBA. If you possess any of the following degrees then apply for the accountant jobs in chennai here!


Transportation plays a major role in day-to-day life. Without transportation and drivers, we would not be able to reach our desired place. These Driver jobs in chennai are enormous at Nithra jobs, for schools, colleges, transport offices, call taxes, etc. You can also find part time jobs in chennai for drivers. The major skills required for the job are good driving skills, time management, navigation skills, and physical fitness are mandatory. This job doesn't need much educational qualification.


IT jobs involve the use of computers, and networks to possess information. It has many branches, including data analysis, software developers, administrators, software desserts, etc. Soon grab the chennai jobs and improve your career. Get freelancer jobs in Chennai with just one click!


Today there are numerous medicinal branches and jobs around the world. Which involves medical representatives. Aspirants who are searching for job vacancy chennai can apply today at this site. Freshers who have completed degrees in medicine can find nurse jobs, medical coding, phlebotomists, and dentist assistants.


Thousands of jobs in Chennai are available at Nithra Jobs, to find jobs for your profession and location, visit the Nithra Jobs app and find your dream job. This site is made for both employers and job hunters. If you are an employer, you can find the best employees by hiring here!

top paying jobs in chennai

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