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Garment & Textiles Job Recruitment at Chengalpattu

Want to know about garment and textile jobs in Chengalpattu? Seeking a job in your location? You can get a job at your desired location and designation in Nithra Jobs. Freshers can also apply for the garment and textile job offers for freshers in Chengalpattu. The garments and textile field always has a good scope in Tamil Nadu.

According to the demands and requirements of their clients, seamstresses make, fix, and alter clothing and other items. They could work for themselves or establishments like factories, dry cleaners, boutiques, or department stores.

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Part Time Garment & Textiles Jobs in Chengalpattu

You can also get part-time garment and textile jobs in Chengalpattu. There are different time schedules available at our site. You can choose the time which is comfortable for you. We clearly informed all the details for the application process such as the name of the company, designation, number of openings, applying procedure, contact number, and address. So it will be very easy for you to apply for the job.

The duties of the seamstress are employing tape measures to precisely measure customers to ensure that clothing fits them properly. Maintaining the functionality of sewing machines and other equipment. Hemming, mending, lengthening, and taking in and letting out seams are all examples of alterations or repairs that can be made to the clothing and other items of consumers. Trying on clothes for consumers to test how they should be altered. Creating clothing and other items in accordance with the needs and desires of clients.

Fresher's Garment & Textiles Job Vacancies in Chengalpattu

If you can't go to the office daily, you can also get work from home garment and textile jobs in Chengalpattu. Interacting with clients to learn about their wants, preferences, and requirements and removing wrinkles from clothing and other items using irons and pressing equipment are also the duties of this job. Keep updating yourself by registering a profile for you in Nithra Jobs.

GED or high school diploma. Proven stitching skills. Solid understanding of sewing processes and a variety of fabrics. The capacity to complete tasks on schedule. The ability to use various sewing machines safely. Strong communication abilities. Excellent interpersonal skills are the required criteria for this job.

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