Jobs in Tamil Nadu for 8th to 12th pass candidates


🗒️ Nithra Jobs has many job opportunities for those who have completed their 12th grade. Some of them will not be able to continue their studies due to certain situations. For those people, this site will be beneficial for their careers to earn money and fulfill their basic needs. In this blog, we have clearly listed the jobs that job seekers can get based on their studies.

Some of the Jobs for 12th-pass candidates

Holders of higher education in Tamil Nadu have a wide range of job options in the public sector. However, a major portion of students completed their college degrees. Many students are unable to carry on with their studies after school. Those people who are unable to continue their education after school have many job possibilities, so they shouldn't be worried. After completing your SSLC exam, you are eligible to apply for the TNPSC Group 4 exam. We will discuss some significant government jobs for 8th, 10th, and 12th-pass candidates.

💂 Security guard

- As part of their regular tasks, security guards regularly walk around, keep an eye on surveillance equipment, and examine buildings and machinery to secure areas and people. Security staff can regulate access points in addition to regulating entry and exit points. If the job seekers are not willing for the night shift you can prefer day shift security guard jobs.

👨‍💼 Office Assistant

- A professional who manages clerical duties like sorting and sending mail is known as an "office assistant." To keep the office tidy and clean for guests or clients, they keep track of office supplies and place fresh orders as necessary. Visit Nithra Jobs site for your reference.

🧑‍💼 Bill clerk

- The duty is to perform general bookkeeping tasks, such as inputting data and taking note of invoices and other supporting paperwork that shows the amounts owed for goods purchased or services delivered.

👩‍⚕️ Nurse

- Their responsibility is to get patients ready for exams and run a regular diagnostic checkups (monitor pulse, blood pressure, and temperature, provide drugs and injections, etc.). Keep track of the patient's health and record it.

👨🚕 Driver

- There are many driver jobs, like taxi, ambulance, car driver jobs, and so on. The main role of this job is to carry out a variety of transportation activities, generally for hotels, restaurants, and delivery businesses. For clear understanding visit Nithra jobs.


👩‍✈️ There are a lot of jobs available for experienced workers as well as for freshmen. Nithra Jobs has a list of 10th-pass government jobs for females. Make use of this given information to start your career.

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